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It is possible to attach DISQUS comments to blog site.

Setup your DISQUS Account

Before you can use the commenting stuff, you need to register into Disqus. There you find a lot of disqus documentation that you simply not need :-) . Pelican already has done that for you.

  1. Register on DISQUS site

  2. Select ‘I don’t see my platform listed, install manually with Universal Code. disqus1

  3. Remember ‘Shortname’=kamyanskiy, it will be used later in site configuration. Fill fields Website name and Website URL. disqus2

  4. Check ‘Allow guests to comments’ disqus3

  5. Finish settings with Add trusted site, my own is disqus4

  6. Into file enable DISQUS, just add these settings:

DISQUS_SITENAME = "kamyanskiy"

Remember, here should be added ‘shortname’ from step 3.

That’s done, now generate content and check that comments working fine:



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