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So I ask myself how to do for example next thing with AsyncIO ?

I have an ordered list of remote API’s urls and need to send data to the first of API’s that can respond < 1 sec, if API can’t response in 1 sec - I need to initiate next sending to next API url in order to API’s url list.

If API responds < 1 sec I need to notify user that data was sent successfully.

If I have tasks that were initiated but were interrupted to send data ASAP to next API url, I want finally to know their results to make some valuable decision - for example to notify that data was also sent there.

  1. First I’ll prepare simple flask app that can listen and answers for our requests with some data.
import flask
import time

app = flask.Flask(__name__)

def handler(api_id):
    print(f"Sleep {api_id} seconds")
    return flask.jsonify({"result":f"slept {sleep} seconds",
                          "api_id": api_id})

if __name__ == "__main__":, port=8001)

so flask app will listen on 8001 port and respond with timeout in order to api_id parameter.

  1. Write code that handles my expectations:
import asyncio
import logging
import functools
import requests
import concurrent.futures

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def sync_loader(url):
    Sync blocking request
    """"Sync download {url}")
    return requests.get(url).json()

async def coro_loader(url):
    Runner for sync function in executor
    fn = functools.partial(sync_loader, url)
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()"start download async {url}")
    return await loop.run_in_executor(None, fn)

async def waiter(pending_tasks):
    Coroutine to wait pending tasks results 
    and display results
    wait_for = 60
    while not all(map(lambda x: x.done(), pending_tasks.values())) and wait_for > 0:"Waiting for pending task results...")
        await asyncio.sleep(1)
        wait_for -= 1
    for api_id, task in pending_tasks.items():
        if not task.done():
            logger.warning(f"Postprocess {api_id} task was cancelled.")
            continue"Postprocess pending task api_id: {api_id}; {task.result()}")

async def download_async():
    urls = {api_id: "http://localhost:8001/url/{0}".format(api_id)
            for api_id in [3,4]}

    urls[5] = "http://localhost:8001/url/0"  # for example 5th url its a fast API

    pending_tasks = {}
    res = {}

    for api_id, url in urls.items():
        task = asyncio.Task(coro_loader(url))  # create Task from coroutine
            # wrap asyncio.shield(task) to avoid of task cancellation
            # after 1 sec timeout
            res = await asyncio.wait_for(asyncio.shield(task), timeout=1) 
        except concurrent.futures.TimeoutError:
            # add task that was interrupted to pending task mapping
            pending_tasks[api_id] = task
  "Add download task for {url} to pending tasks list.")

        if not res:
            # show success message
  "Success with send data to {url}, in pending_tasks now"
                        f" are {len(pending_tasks)} tasks.")

    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

So code is much more clear now. I collect tasks those were interrupted to waiter() coroutine and there waiting for results.

Example of log output:

(.venv) ➜  as python
INFO:__main__:start download async http://localhost:8001/url/3
INFO:__main__:Sync download http://localhost:8001/url/3
INFO:__main__:Add download task for http://localhost:8001/url/3 to pending tasks list.
INFO:__main__:start download async http://localhost:8001/url/4
INFO:__main__:Sync download http://localhost:8001/url/4
INFO:__main__:Add download task for http://localhost:8001/url/4 to pending tasks list.
INFO:__main__:start download async http://localhost:8001/url/0
INFO:__main__:Sync download http://localhost:8001/url/0
INFO:__main__:Success with send data to http://localhost:8001/url/0, in pending_tasks now are 2 tasks.
INFO:__main__:Waiting for pending task results...
INFO:__main__:Waiting for pending task results...
INFO:__main__:Waiting for pending task results...
INFO:__main__:Postprocess pending task api_id: 3; {'api_id': 3, 'result': 'slept 3 seconds'}
INFO:__main__:Postprocess pending task api_id: 4; {'api_id': 4, 'result': 'slept 4 seconds'}


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